2018 – IAFL 1 SOUTH

The Cill Dara Crusaders were formed in 2017 as a merging between the former now defunct Kildare teams, The North Kildare Reapers and The South Kildare Soldiers.

Each team agreed that a single team to represent county Kildare was the most positive way forward.

Establishing a new home ground at Naas sports centre, the team got to work in the pre-season by adapting the two teams into one. 

2018 proved to be a challenging opening year for the team, but not without its own victories.

The merging of both teams had its share of growing pains, and there was some struggle in finding the teams identity, a process that takes time, dedication and purpose.

The team ended the 2018 season with a record of 2 – 6, and an unfortunate demotion to IAFL 2.

This result was by no means the ambition of the team, but the Crusaders could take pride in the fact that they had certainly improved on their record as two separate teams in previous years, and closed the 2018 season with a newly formed comradery and spirit forged on the field.

Crusaders Inaugural Season