2019 IAFL2

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Entering into 2019 The Crusaders decided to make a change in home grounds. After an extensive search the team found a new home in Newbridge College. The college have been a great support to the team and we continue our relationship with them to this day.

Once regular training was established, the team made a large recruitment drive, acquiring a lot of new talent to fill out the ranks of the already experienced players on the roster. 

Having seen their fair share of losses in 2018, the drive for redemption was very strong in 2019.

The team still had a lot to prove to its peers around the league, and indeed to themselves. Through game after game the team proved repeatedly that they were a name to be respected throughout the league.

The results of the 2019 season were a battle cry, a statement that the team are here to compete at the highest level, and will take any and all challengers to get there.

The team boasted a stout defence that ended the season with multiple shutouts, and a powerful offense that overall outscored every other team by a wide margin.

The season ended with a record of 7 – 1 and 1st place in the IAFL 2 bowl game.

In keeping with this, the Crusaders were promoted back to IAFL 1.

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