2022 AFI Division 1

2022 Sees the return of American Football in Ireland following a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Crusaders won the IAFL2 (Now AFI Division 2) Bowl in 2019 against the Meath Bulldogs and secured promotion to Division 1 Football. During the long off-season, the Crusaders board worked to provide training, matches & flag football when possible. This resulted in a successful recruitment drive, attracting skilled rookies and experienced players from elsewhere in the league.

2022 saw long standing Head Coach Ken Farrell step away from American Football to focus his energy elsewhere, The Crusaders are forever indebted to Ken Farrell for all of his wisdom and guidance through the merger of the two previous teams and the formation of the Cill Dara Crusaders.

Newly Appointed Head Coach Rich Maloney looks to guide the Crusaders through Division 1 Football in 2022 and with a new Head Coach comes a reshuffle of sideline coaches & staff.

Head Coach : Rich Maloney

Assistant Head Coach : David Perkins

Offensive Co – Ordinator : Jonny Keogh

Defensive Coach : Kyle Dooley

Special Teams Co – Ordinator : David Perkins

Sideline Coach : Kenneth Byrne

Gameday Manager : Colette Dooley